See below for frequently asked questions.

How is hosting the 2020 Reunion?

The Etherly Family Reunion 2020 is being hosted by the team of Andre Etherly, Kristin Etherly, Rashida Holmes and Erik Etherly. WE can be reached at

Will I need to rent a car?

For maximum flexibility, a car is recommended, but the Northern Virgina/DC Metropolitan has great public transportation including a metro rail (mostly underground) system, extensive bus system, Uber and Lyft that will get you to all places easily except for the picnic. Remember that in many parts of the area, parking is a challenge and expensive. Depending on enrollment, we may be including a bus for transportation to the picnic, else we recommend car pooling (all of the host committee members will have cars present).

Why is the cost higher if I enroll after December 31, 2019?

As most of you know, the DC metropolitan area is a high cost of living area. We have started early and worked hard to negotiate very favorable rates for the hotel and banquet, and accordingly, we have kept the early registration rates at the same rate as Pine Bluff, a much lower cost of living area. If we don’t have good early commitment, we will be forced to abandon much of what we plan to do, so we are incentivizing everyone to register and commit early. The DC area is a great area to make this a family vacation and enjoy all that the area has to offer, even beyond the reunion schedule.